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A Microsoft 365 backup solution should have several benefits. The most important is the ability to backup the data fully and with as much space as your organization needs. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular options, including NetVault, AvePoint, Rubrik, and SkyKick. All of these solutions offer backup capabilities for your Microsoft 365 data. Whether your company needs to back up files every day, weekly, or monthly, a good backup solution will help you achieve these goals.

Microsoft 365 Backup Solution SkyKick

If you’re looking for a reliable backup solution, SkyKick for Microsoft 365 is a viable option. It provides cloud-based backup services adjacent to your Microsoft 365 subscription and is operated by partner MSPs. Its backup service uses industry-standard security protocols, such as Microsoft MFA, to ensure the safety of data. You can also customize its support details and URLs to fit your company’s needs.

One of the features of this backup service is its industry-leading encryption. The service is hosted on Microsoft Azure in eight data centers globally, and it supports restoring data within minutes. Furthermore, it offers self-service options for restoring data, including the ability to search for files. Customers can also restore data with just one click. It’s also compatible with e-commerce buy-flow. This is great news for companies and IT providers.

In addition to backing up files, SkyKick also offers cloud backup for Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. You can also have unlimited mailbox data retention. If you’re wondering whether or not this product is right for you, SkyKick’s free trial is a great way to test it out. You’ll be glad you did. It’s one of the few solutions on the market that works as advertised.

SkyKick also offers a secure, unlimited cloud backup option. It protects Microsoft 365 data from all your email accounts, SharePoint sites, and OneDrive for Business. Additionally, it also provides powerful elastic search and recovery. You can backup all of your files with SkyKick and recover them as needed. It is completely compatible with Office 365 features, including Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business. You can also back up files in one click and have unlimited restores.

Another option is Spanning. This Microsoft 365 Backup Solution service offers customer-managed encryption keys, audit logs, and out-of-box integration with Kaseya RMM. In our testing, we saw a good backup/restore speed of 3.5 MB/s and average reliability of 95%. However, this solution lacks support for backup for SharePoint, including Office 365, and only backs up Team sites.


If you’re looking for an alternative to Microsoft 365 Backup Solution, consider AvePoint Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365. This solution ensures resiliency in the event of a disaster and restores lost content quickly. This service protects all Microsoft 365 instances, including calendars, contacts, documents, and public folders. With AvePoint, you can back up unlimited data to the cloud. The backup service also supports all Microsoft 365 object types, such as public folders and Yammer.

AvePoint Cloud Backup supports restoring deleted Communication Sites and preserving custom designs. You can also restore deleted Communication Sites to their original locations through the App Profile. In addition, you can restore deleted Communication Sites using the default design. Depending on the nature of your backup needs, you can also restore your data to a specific account if needed. However, you can’t add comments to Communication Sites, and you’ll need to select each one separately.

AvePoint Cloud Backup is designed to protect your data from data breaches and cyber attacks. It offers advanced security controls and continuous monitoring to keep your data secure. Because Personal Identifiable Information is so sensitive, it must be protected from cyber attacks. This is particularly true when it comes to Microsoft 365, since it’s a powerful collaboration tool. With this solution, you can avoid these risks and keep your productivity intact without limiting your organization’s productivity.

Active Backup for Microsoft 365 allows you to set up a backup for your Office 365 tenant. This solution is compatible with different Office 365 plans, including Business, Enterprise, and Education. You’ll need an Office 365 tenant and NAS Synology with a share. Active Backup for Microsoft 365 requires an Office 365 tenant to work properly. You can also use an Active Backup for Microsoft 365 for additional protection.


The Rubrik for Microsoft 365 Backup Solution service streamlines data protection with air gapped backups and restore automation. Built on the native tooling provided by Microsoft, Rubrik is capable of identifying users, infecting files, and automating backup and recovery processes. Users can restore their data in just three clicks. This ensures business continuity. The Rubrik for Microsoft 365 Backup Solution service eliminates manual job scheduling and streamlines SLA policy management across thousands of users.

The partnership will allow users to protect their data from ransomware attacks. Microsoft and Rubrik already have more than 2,000 mutual customers. This partnership will help Rubrik customers protect mission-critical applications in the Microsoft 365 cloud and Azure hybrid clouds. Microsoft customers can also expect a full range of integrated cloud services based on Microsoft Azure. For more information, visit the Rubrik website. The partnership is intended to help both companies achieve their goals and provide a seamless cloud-native solution for their data protection and management needs.

As part of the Rubrik for Microsoft 365 backup solution, you can use the Rubrik Polaris backup management platform. This software provides centralized management for On-Premises and cloud environments. All data is managed in the same way by the Rubrik backup service. The Rubrik Polaris platform offers an easy-to-use interface and smart algorithms that make the process a breeze. Rubrik’s Rubrik polaris backup service is compatible with Office 365 and Azure, and provides smooth connectivity via OAuth.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is an excellent solution for businesses that need to backup data from a wide variety of applications, but it is not as versatile as Rubrik for Microsoft 365 backup. Rubrik is vendor agnostic, so it supports most types of data and can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Rubrik for Microsoft 365 Backup Solution does not require any special training to use. The user interface of Veeam for Microsoft 365 backup is easy to understand and use. However, it can be difficult to understand at first.

Microsoft 365 Backup Solution NetVault

If you’ve been thinking about a way to protect your company’s mission-critical applications and data, NetVault may be a good option. In this video, BakBone senior product marketing manager Matt Law explains the features of NetVault and FASTRecover. This solution provides simultaneous local and remote protection, 30 second consistent data recovery, and integration of existing backup applications. It also eliminates the need for backup windows.

Metallic and Quest Software have bolstered their Office 365 backup products with new features and enhancements, and NetVault version 12.4 adds support for OneDrive. These updates make NetVault backup with Office 365 an even better option. Quest also adds support for O365 Active Directory and SharePoint Online. Lastly, NetVault v12.4 adds support for SAP HANA and Nutanix AHV environments.

If you’re using NetVault to store your Microsoft 365 Backup Solution, you can use Azure as the repository for these backups. Quest QoreStor, a cloud backup solution, can reduce the cost of Azure object storage by up to 95%. Using a cloud-based backup repository will also allow you to replicate your backups to another cloud or data center. The QoreStor also offers a backup replication solution to protect Microsoft 365 data.

The Quest NetVault solution is a powerful enterprise backup solution for Office 365. The software provides comprehensive protection and recovery for Office 365 and can be configured to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With the RESTful API, it allows IT administrators to easily integrate NetVault with other systems and applications. The updated licensing model reduces license administration complexity. Scale-out management of QoreStor targets brings intelligent optimization of backup jobs, maximizing backup performance, and deduplication savings.

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