9 Reasons Why Gacha Games Are Becoming So Popular


There are many reasons why gacha games are incredibly addictive. They’re easy to learn, simple progression, and easy to scale and balance. Here are nine of the most compelling reasons why you should play one of these online games. It may come as a surprise, but they’re true. Read on to discover the 9 best reasons to play gacha games. Despite the popularity of these games, they’re not for everyone.


Simple Progression

One of the most appealing aspects of Gacha games is their simple progression and focus on randomization. While this might be an unattractive aspect for some players, the emphasis on randomization keeps people coming back to these games. However, this approach is difficult to maintain for PVP settings because people want to win, not pay to win. Instead, players are tempted to buy items that can help them in the long run. Therefore, designers must take extra care to ensure that these games provide value to their players.


A common factor in the gacha game phenomenon is the sunk cost fallacy. Once people have invested a considerable amount of money and time into the game, they find it difficult to stop. After all, it’s as if a rare in-game commodity is literally one loot box away. Additionally, Gacha games tend to foster a sense of community among players – even strangers. Because they tend to affect youths, who have few social experiences, Gacha games can be particularly addictive.


Easy to Balance

While the number of characters in a gacha game is an important consideration, the more shards you have, the more difficult it is to balance it. Having too many cards can be frustrating, especially if you have a very low chance of winning the prize. To make this easier, games have added mechanics that make it possible to grind for specific shards. These mechanics include fusion, which allows you to acquire single cards through a series of steps and other means. Ultimately, the sharding system makes it possible to clear your progress by gaining a higher amount of cards.

Easy to Scale

The best way to get more players in your Easy to Scale Gacha games is to create a game that is not only engaging but has plenty of replay value. Gacha is one of the most popular mobile games and is very similar to CCGs, with a high player base and diverse gameplay. To attract more players, you can offer different rewards for players. The more popular and profitable the game is, the more people will want to play it.



Gacha games are a fantastic way to get lots of different items in one game. However, many of them lack the depth and strategy that makes them fun. For instance, in the popular game Epic Seven, you can get lots of different rare items. The characters in this game are ranked from one to five stars, and the drop rate for them is generous. In addition, players can use the 5-star system to boost their rates. These features can really add up, especially for games that have a high rarity rating.


Special Events

One of the key elements of Gacha mobile games is the use of a hierarchical system. This is a common element of many free-to-play games. For example, Pokemon Masters EX offers players an assortment of iconic character/Pokemon pairs. The higher the star level, the better the rewards and this system works best in games that are based on action or RPG elements. It is also random.


In Built Slot Machine

The addictive nature of the microtransactions involved in Gacha games has raised ethical questions. After all, spending real money on something unknown is akin to playing roulette. As such, there are two schools of thought regarding Gacha games. Critics argue that these games are akin to gambling, and they are a form of gambling in disguise. While there’s no hard evidence to support either viewpoint, many players have used these games as a way to support their favourite game developers.

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