A Bandoned Bastard of the Royal Family


A bastard of the royal family’ is a member of the royal family that was abandoned by the king or queen and remained outside of the public eye for a long time. This is a very common type of historical figure. Below are a few examples of these types of characters.

Henry Fitzroy

Henry FitzRoy was the illegitimate son of King Henry VIII and Elizabeth Blount. He was born in June 1519 at the Augustinian Priory of St Laurence in Essex.

After the birth of FitzRoy, the king gave him titles and official positions. These were gifts he never received from his legitimate siblings.

Fitzroy was given the titles of Duke of Richmond and Somerset. As a boy, he was also granted titles like Lord High Admiral of England and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. His title and positions heightened speculation that he could be the heir to the throne.

It is likely that he was conceived when Queen Catherine of Aragon was in confinement for her sixth pregnancy in late 1518. Although it is not known exactly when Fitzroy was born, his birth was a major triumph for King Henry.


The history of the Gothic monarchy in Asturias continues in the Estoria de Espana. This chapter presents an overview of the life and death of the illegitimate son of Fernando II, Alfonso IX. He was also a member of the crusade movement and was the grand master of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.

The Portuguese “seignorial party” was founded in the court of Alfonso IX in order to protect Leonese interests. During the 1190s, relations between Portugal and Leon were shaky. However, after Alfonso IX’s marriage to Teresa Sanches, an alliance was formed between the two kingdoms.

After Alfonso’s death in August 1157, the kingdoms were divided into two kingdoms. One remained under the rule of the kings of Castile and the other under the rule of the kings of Leon. This led to conflicts among aristocrats in both kingdoms.

Alexander I of Scotland

James Hamilton was the first pro-Protestant of the Scottish dynasty. He was also the regent Arran of Scotland. In 1643, King James II promoted him to Duke. This made him Hereditary Keeper of Holyroodhouse.

During the Wars of Independence, he was drawn into Scottish service and praised the valour of Robert the Bruce in the court of Edward II. He was later granted lands in West Lothian. Eventually, he switched sides to support Robert the Bruce.

The family had four dukedoms: Arran, William, Alexander and Charles. Their line is a continuation of the Cambuskeith line. It branched off in the late 14th century. However, most genealogical sources are unsure how this line connects with the main Hamilton line.

Robert the Bruce (r. 1306-1329)

In the thirteenth century Robert the Bruce was a member of the Scottish royal family. He was a half-brother of King David II. A Norman by birth, he was not particularly loved. After his death, his infant son, David II, ascended to the throne.

His wife, Margorie Bruce, was the Princess of Scotland. She was also the wife of Walter Stewart. The two families had strong ties.

Margorie Bruce’s daughter was born in 1319. This sparked an intense dynastic intermingling between the Bruce and Stewart families. Many nobles and Scottish nobility welcomed this link.

During this time, the Bruce dynasty was also recognised by England. Edward Balliol’s invasion of Scotland began in 1332. The resulting war was known as the First Scottish War of Independence.

James II (r. 1437-1460)

During the reign of James II, Scotland’s chivalric culture was a focal point of his state building strategy. His efforts to achieve a monopoly over chivalry reshaped how historians approached the medieval and fifteenth century Scottish monarchy.

James was also an advocate for religious toleration, especially for Roman Catholics. The king had a reputation as a good statesman and was supported by substantial numbers of religious nonconformists. Some praised him for his zealousness and other people viewed him as an absolute monarch who strove to crush the religion of his enemies.

In the 1450s, many Scottish nobles argued that a king had to protect the legitimacy of his heir. This was especially true if a legal heir was a female. Moreover, a king could be at risk of losing his position if an illegitimate heir became popular.

King Peter of Castile (r. 1437-1460)

Peter II (also known as Peter of Castile or the justicier) was a Spanish monarch who reigned during the period of Spanish unification in the late 14th century. His rule was not without its flaws, though. Some of the worst aspects of his rule were his failure to counter the feudal powers who supported his opponents.

One of the most notable accomplishments of this king was the creation of the Royal administrative apparatus, a new force that was built ahead of its time. As a result, the Castilian monarchy was able to resist the aristocracy for over three centuries.

Abandoned bastard of the royal family

This was not the only time that the royal family fought the aristocracy. When Henry VI took over England, he defeated the Duke of Burgundy. However, he lost France in the process, and was forced to pay a penalty.

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