Cerity Insurance Review – A New Way to Insure Your Workers Compensation


Founded with a bold vision, Cerity transforms the small business insurance landscape by making workers compensation simple and fast to purchase. The company uses its proprietary pricing model to produce customized quotes within seconds. After you choose a plan and sign up, the company will deliver a new policy in five minutes or less. The company is a subsidiary of Employers Holdings Inc. and has over a century of experience in workers compensation.

Cerity is a Digital Provider of Workers Compensation Insurance for Small Businesses

The technology behind Cerity, a new digital workers compensation insurance provider, has the potential to revolutionize the way that small businesses insure themselves. The company’s website and software allows businesses to receive tailored quotes and new policies in as little as five minutes. The company claims to offer its services to 39 states with two more set to launch later this quarter.

Cerity was founded with a bold vision – to reimagine small and mid-sized business insurance. By combining the best of technology with the best of old-fashioned service, Cerity is enabling business owners to obtain the best workers compensation insurance coverage.

New Digital Approach for Small Businesses

This new digital approach to SMB workers compensation insurance will also allow SMBs to save time and money. Small to medium-sized businesses face unique challenges, including balancing cash flow with insurance costs. With the rise of freelancers, SMBs need a new way to manage their expenses.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are more than 29 million small businesses across the United States. However, 44 percent of small businesses have never purchased insurance before. Cerity’s predictive pricing model uses up to 100 price points to offer individualized quotes based on a company’s unique circumstances.

It leverages Duck Creek Industry Content to Stand up Complete Products

Cerity, a digital-first workers compensation insurance company, leverages Duck Creek Industry Content to stand up its complete products online. Its solution produces tailored quotes in under five minutes, and the company plans to expand nationwide. Its predictive pricing model has up to 100 price points, allowing it to cater quotes to every possible customer.

This enables companies to quickly and easily launch complete products to target the individual needs of their customers. The solution can be easily expanded to support the growth of the company and its customers. Its scalability and extensibility makes it an ideal partner for carriers looking to roll out a new commercial lines product quickly. The insurance provider will be able to build a low-touch policy, leverage third-party content, and launch a competitive new offering to the small commercial market.

Duck Creek’s OnDemand product is an industry-leading SaaS solution that delivers all the support and services carriers need to succeed. It continuously adds new functionality and enables carriers to take a revolutionary approach to competing in today’s competitive environment. The solution also integrates with Duck Creek Distribution Management and DocuSign, which allows carriers to simplify producer onboarding and contracting.

It Offers Pay-as-you-go Premiums

Cerity is an online insurance provider that partners with payroll companies and offers pay-as-you-go workers compensation premiums. The company’s platform makes it easy to get a quote and bind coverage, and customers are typically able to secure a policy for 30% less than a broker’s premium. Workers compensation policies provide workers with medical and wage benefits in the event of a work-related injury or illness. In exchange for the benefits, workers compensation policies require that employers give up their right to sue.

Pay-as-you-go workers compensation premiums are a growing trend in the business world. The benefits include eliminating the need for large down payments and outdated payment methods. In addition, premium payments are more accurate since real-time payroll is used to calculate them. However, businesses should be aware that this method of paying premiums can be affected by under-reporting payroll.


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