CottontailVA Net Worth – How Much Does She Make?


Whether you are a Twitch lover or you are just interested in how much money people make, this article will give you a little bit of information about Cottontailva net worth. It also includes information about what she likes to do outside of Twitch, as well as her family and relationship status.

Actual Age and Date of Birth

Those of you who have been following CottontailVA’s Twitch channel are probably wondering what her actual age is and what the date of birth is. Her identity has been kept secret for a long time and many fans are eager to find out more about her.

The streamer is a voice actress who specializes in anime and voice acting. She is one of the most popular Twitch personalities and has amassed a huge following of followers.

Cash Through Twitter Account

Besides her voice acting, CottontailVA also posts mature content on her Twitter account. She has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitch, and has amassed an impressive number of followers on Tiktok and Reddit.

CottontailVA has a huge following on Twitch and has earned a lot of cash through her streaming career. She has accumulated a net worth of one million dollars, and has gained a lot of recognition in the gaming community. CottontailVA is one of the rising Vtubers on Twitch.

Net Worth

Despite a shaky economy Cottontailva is still one of the teeming stars of the online gaming fraternity. While the giddy mob has yet to put an end to the unfettered swagger of the former sexy girl, Cottontail has carved out a decent amount of time on the sandbox. As a result, Cottontail is a regular at the HQ of the fam, which ain’t bad. Not to mention, Cottontail is a well-respected hare of the fraternity, akin to a tiger cub at the boxing ring. As a result, Cottontail has managed to nab the halo of the fam – the halo oaf. It’s no wonder the Twitch buffs are on a par with the pros in the sandbox. Of course, Cottontail is no longer the underdog, but that is no reason to betray a sexy mob. Luckily, Cottontail is a pampered aficionado and a well-trained hors d’honneur in the same. Aside from the aforementioned duds, Cottontail also managed to snag the sexiest sexmate in the bedroom, which ain’t bad.

Family and Relationship Status

Besides her voice acting, Cottontailva is a popular Twitch streamer. She has amassed over a hundred thousand followers on the streaming platform. She is also an active user on other major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. While the name Cottontailva may not be as recognizable as the likes of Tyler Oakley, she is a very talented voice actress with a large number of followers on both platforms.

YouTube Channel

She is one of the many rising Vtubers on the streaming platform. She has more than three thousand subscribers on Twitch and over one hundred thousand followers on her YouTube channel. She makes over $9,000 a month from subscriptions. She has also listed four audios for sale on the digital music store Gumroad.

CottontailVA hasn’t Disclose

Although she hasn’t disclosed her age or name, fans are still trying to decipher her face. While she has been on Twitter, her real name remains a mystery. Her Wikipedia page lists her as a Candian by nationality, but she does not have an official Instagram account. She has a discord server with 18 thousand members. She has also joined Reddit in February of 2020.


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