How to Earn Points

0 Points points are a great way for you to get discounts and rewards on your in-store purchases. If you are a member of the Co-op you will earn points every time you make a purchase. You can check your points through the Co-op app or online. It is also possible to donate your to charity if you prefer.

The Co-op offers several different rewards programs that allow you to receive discounts on your purchases. These programs are designed to encourage members to shop regularly and help strengthen relationships with the Co-op. Members can save their points for future purchases. In addition, you can receive bonus offers on a weekly basis. With these offers, you will get a bigger discount on specific products.

To qualify for the Program, you must make a qualifying purchase. For example, if you purchase a $100 item, you will earn 100 points. When you reach 300 points, you can redeem $3 off your next purchase. As long as you are not inactive for 12 months, you will be eligible to participate in the program. However, there are several rules and restrictions to the program. Those rules include that points are not valid for gift cards, shipping costs, or purchases made by associations, groups, or other businesses. Moreover, you must activate your offer before you can use it.

Easily Check Your Points

Although the Co-op offers multiple ways to collect and use your rewards, you can opt for a physical card. This type of membership allows you to easily check your points and spend them in-store. Once you register, you will receive a Co-op card in the mail. The card contains your membership number. Check your card before you leave the store and use it to make your purchases. There is no set minimum or maximum amount of points that you can have in your account.

However, the more points you save up for your next purchase, the more you will earn. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up online. Upon signing up, you will receive a temporary membership card that you will have to register within twelve weeks. Once you have registered, you can start collecting your points. Keep in mind that Co-op will cancel your temporary card if you are not active for twelve months.

Membership Number

When you join the program, you will be mailed a Co-op membership card. It will have your name, email, and phone number on it. These are the details that you will need to provide at checkout. Your mobile phone number is unique to your membership. Not only does it serve as your membership number, it will also let you know about your rewards.

Value of the Points

Most of the time, your are automatically added to your account. You can use your points to earn discounts on your purchases and you can donate your points to charity. They can be used for in-store purchases, as well as for Funeralcare services, legal services, and more. While the value of the points may vary, the rewards are worth the cost of the purchase.

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