Joel Osteen Drowning


Joel Osteen Drowning : Joel Osteen is a televangelist, best-selling author, and senior pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston. His sermons are televised and streamed to millions of people around the world on a monthly basis.

After Hurricane Harvey hit the area, he opened the doors to his church to house displaced victims. But there was a backlash on social media.

What Happened? Joel Osteen Drowning

Texan megachurch pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church made an unscheduled appearance on the evening of July 4th, and in typical ol’ joe fashion, no one was watching. Osteen was no doubt busy trying to reminisce with his tuxedo wearing wife Victoria on the latest in high tech gadgets and geeky gizmos. Not surprisingly, the couple was a bit under the weather by the time they got home. The best part? Despite the tumultuous mood, no complaints were reported and ol’ Joe was a happy hu (see video). The following day was a happy reunion.

Why Was He Drowning?

Osteen and his wife Victoria have built a national following around their positive, prosperity gospel message. Millions of people watch their televised services and worship events, as well as buy their best-selling books. They have also become a fixture in stadiums across the country, where they pack tens of thousands of fans into the seats with their “Nights of Hope” events.

Osteen has a knack for crafting high-tech religious marketing messages that appeal to a wide range of audiences. He often tries out new techniques until he gets it right, and his messages are so popular that even President Trump has cited them.

He preaches that God wants everyone to be happy and prosperous. That, he says, is the only way we can truly appreciate His presence in our lives.

However, that doesn’t mean that Osteen is immune to controversy. In fact, he and his family have been under a lot of scrutiny lately for their opulent lifestyle.

One of the reasons that he has drawn so much attention is because of his extremely large estate in Houston, Texas. He and his wife own a 20,000 square foot mansion that includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

As with many religious leaders, the Osteens live a very lavish lifestyle that reflects their belief in their faith and God. They own numerous cars, several houses and a private jet.

Despite this, Osteen says that he and his family don’t consider their wealth a sin. In fact, they say it is a blessing that God has given them.

While there are a few things that can be said to be wrong with their lifestyle, they are also thankful for the opportunities they have been given and feel that their wealth is a sign of their faith and obedience to God.

Joel and Victoria have two children, Jonathan and Alexandra. Both children are involved in the ministry at Lakewood Church alongside their parents.

Their family lives in a large, upscale mansion in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood. The property was bought in 2002 and is estimated to be worth $10.5 million.

What Happened Next? after Joel Osteen Drowning

Joel Osteen, who leads the hugely popular Lakewood Church in Houston, is a well-known televangelist and best-selling author. He has a net worth of millions and his house in the Texas suburb of River Oaks looks like a castle.

Osteen is best known for preaching the prosperity gospel, a distinctively American form of Christianity that teaches that God rewards his followers with material success. It is often linked to a Christian belief in tithing, the practice of regularly giving part of one’s earnings to the church.

He has become a popular figure in the US, especially among evangelical Christians, as his sermons are streamed to more than 20 million people in over 100 countries. He has a best-selling book series, Your Best Life Now, and his own TV show. He is married to Victoria and has two children, Jonathan and Alexandra.

The couple’s wealth is a point of contention for many who criticize Osteen and his beliefs. It has fueled debates over whether he has been generous with his resources, particularly given his status as a megachurch pastor and bestselling author.

On Monday, when it became clear that Hurricane Harvey was heading into Houston, he began to receive criticism online for not opening up his church to evacuees. In a Facebook post, he stated that the building had flooded inside and that those seeking shelter should be sent to a local convention center, four miles away.

However, it wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon that Lakewood Church started to operate as a shelter and distribution hub for victims of Harvey. By the end of the day, photographs showed volunteers lined up to sort donated clothes and prepare to take in evacuees.

There were also pictures of a church hall filled with dozens of air mattresses – enough for hundreds of people, according to one user. Others shared photos of the church’s corridors knee-deep in water or a water-slick lobby.

While it’s unclear exactly what happened to Joel Osteen, we do know that the story of his drowning is a reminder that even the most careful plans can fall apart when disaster strikes. We can also learn from his example and try to be more proactive about helping those in need when we see them.

What Can We Do?

Joel Osteen is a megachurch pastor who has a huge following and makes millions of dollars from his best-selling books. He is the founder of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas and has a reported net worth of more than $50 million. He has been called the most famous and best-loved evangelist since Billy Graham.

He preaches a positive, feel-good gospel that makes people want to be more optimistic and happy. He also offers advice on how to live a better life and find love. His message is so popular that he has written 14 books, all of which have sold more than a million copies.

In his latest book, The Power of Favor, he claims that God will provide you with what you need to get ahead in your career and find happiness. He promises that he will make you rich, that you will have the best job in the world, and that you will meet someone special and fall in love.

While many would argue that this is an overly optimistic and unrealistic promise, there is some truth to it. The Bible does say that God will bring good things into your life.

But the way that he promotes it is problematic. His teachings are often a distortion of what the Bible actually says about material wealth and blessings from God.

For example, he claims that God wants to give you money so that you can pay your bills and send your children to college. He also says that God will give you an abundance of things so that you can do charity work and build orphanages.

These are great things that Christians should do, but they also have a responsibility to make sure that their followers know the truth about these things and understand that God doesn’t necessarily always grant them these things.

In fact, God is very specific about what he wants from his followers and he doesn’t want them to have more wealth than they need. This is why he has told his followers to pray for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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