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Job costing software helps project-based businesses accurately predict costs and generate price estimates. It records costs from multiple sources and integrates these costs into a general ledger system. General ledger systems then process actual costs and revenues. This way, businesses can plan and manage projects more efficiently.

Interactive Reports on Job Costs in Real Time

With Jonas Premier Construction Software, you can easily manage job costing and revenue in one system. Its intuitive job dashboard provides a wealth of information about the current state of the project, at-risk items, and pending and approved items. It also offers a real-time cost and revenue summary.

The cloud-based software is flexible enough to accommodate multiple companies and divisions. It also includes features for payroll, union reporting, and accounting. Users can access financial reports quarterly or monthly, and do not need to have extensive bookkeeping experience. Unlimited training is included with the software.

Drill Down to Item Level

Jonas Premier connects accounting to job costing, avoiding double entry and allowing drill-down to item level detail. It has a secure user environment, with customizable access and audit trails. It also offers one-click reversals. Jonas Premier’s inventory management capabilities are flexible, and include tools for managing parts, materials, purchases, and more.

Automate Billing and Invoicing

Automating your billing and invoicing processes will increase your staff’s productivity, simplify your workflow, and reduce the risk of human error. In addition, it will help you process payments more quickly and effectively, which leads to better customer service and less churn. You will also be able to test new pricing models with greater ease, thanks to the many features available with automated billing software.

Jonas Premier is cloud-based software that has powerful automation features. By automating repetitive tasks, you can free your team to focus on the most critical parts of your business. Moreover, automated processes ensure that data entry and calculations are accurate. You can easily generate reports and invoices, ensuring complete visibility.

Autocontrol your Cash Flow

Automating your billing and invoicing processes can also help you control your cash flow. You can create invoices for multiple types of contracts and automatically manage cash receipts. Other features include flexible purchase categories, discount terms, and payment terms. It also supports online and credit card payments, one-click reversals, and a complete audit trail.


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