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Level Green Landscaping provides commercial landscaping services to office buildings, condominiums, homeowner associations (HOAs), retail, institutions and government entities.

Doug Delano and Bill Hardy opened Level Green Landscaping in 2002 to provide Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia with reliable commercial landscape maintenance services. They have more than 60 years of combined experience in the industry.

Environmentally friendly Level Green Landscaping

As more people strive to live in environmentally sustainable ways, landscaping can be a powerful way to show that your business supports a greener approach. Level Green, a commercial landscape management firm serving Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia properties, is committed to using a wide variety of environmentally friendly techniques in its work.

One of the most obvious ways to be environmentally friendly is to use organic fertilizers instead of chemical products. Non-organic fertilizers suck up nutrients from the soil and force grass and plants to rely on them for survival, which can result in runoff into streams, lakes and drinking water sources.

Another key element of a sustainable landscape is utilizing native plant species. These natives are adapted to the climate of your area and have a deep root system that helps save water by preventing evaporation and reducing the need for frequent irrigation.

Landscaping can also be made more environmentally friendly by using low-water-use plants and avoiding the application of toxic chemicals. Many of these products, such as herbicides and pesticides, linger on surfaces for long periods of time and can be tracked indoors, where they pose health risks to humans.

Using mulch to cover the ground can also reduce the need for chemicals that can harm animals, children and the environment by absorbing rainwater, according to Lonnie Bush of Lonnie Bush Property Management in Virginia Beach, VA. Grass clippings that are shredded into a mulching kit are then returned to the soil, acting as a natural fertilizer and reducing the need for weedkillers.

The same applies to trees, which absorb CO2 and help prevent erosion. Trees also attract pollinators and add to a home’s aesthetic value.

A major consideration for anyone looking to achieve a LEED certified project is the materials used in a landscape. Ideally, LEED certification requires that all of the materials be locally and sustainably sourced.

When you’re hiring a landscaping company, look for one that is focused on sustainability practices and employs sustainable strategies in their own offices as well. That can help you create an eco-friendly landscape that will be appealing to tenants and homeowners, while saving you money and energy in the long run.

Low maintenance

A well-designed and maintained landscape can add value to your home, while also reducing water bills, maintenance time and stress. It’s no surprise that more and more people are opting for greener, lower maintenance options in their yard.

As more homebuyers look for the eco-friendly option, landscaping companies are stepping up their game. Not only can a few simple changes like using native plants and reclaiming stormwater make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, they can also increase the value of your home by as much as 30 percent.

Level Green Landscaping, in particular, offers a variety of low-maintenance services that will keep your property looking fresh and inviting for years to come. They offer everything from landscaping design to weed control and pest management.

The company boasts an impressive 60 years of experience and a fleet of state-of-the-art trucks and mowers. Their commercial landscaping services are available in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The company is led by Doug Delano and Bill Hardy, two industry veterans who have carved out a solid niche for themselves in the field of landscaping.

The company has even incorporated the newest and most advanced technologies into their products, including a cutting edge telemetry system for remote management of your outdoor spaces. This technology can help you to optimize your site by predicting future weather patterns, so you can make smarter decisions about when and how to water your plants, shrubs and trees. Other green innovations include the use of organic mulch and biodegradable pesticides in lieu of chemical sprays.

Reduced water runoff Level Green Landscaping

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, level green landscaping can help reduce your water runoff. This is because it can help keep stormwater out of local rivers, streams and lakes. In addition, it can also reduce the amount of pollution in our water supply.

One way that level green landscaping can reduce water runoff is through using permeable paving systems. These systems allow rainwater to flow through the surface instead of puddleing, which helps prevent flooding and pollution in our waterways.

Another way that green landscapes can help with water runoff is through the use of mulch or gravel. These materials can reduce runoff because they soak up any chemicals that are left behind from fertilizers and pesticides.

In addition to using mulch or gravel, you can also add a rain garden or dry well to your property. These structures are designed to collect rainwater and then let it soak back into the ground slowly, helping you retain 30 percent more water than your average lawn.

The main advantage of these techniques is that they can help you save money on your water bill. In addition, you can save energy by not having to pump your water out onto the lawn or into a sprinkler system.

While you are working to reduce water runoff, it is important to ensure that you are keeping your yard mowed properly and not allowing it to go untreated. This will not only help with your budget, but it will also protect the environment by keeping the water from flowing into our rivers, streams and lakes.

Moreover, you can reduce the amount of pollution in your water by ensuring that you are not spraying any chemical products on your property. In fact, you can even use native plants that require less water and fertilizer than other types of plants.

The best way to reduce your water runoff is to design your landscape so that it can naturally absorb the rainwater. Adding grassy areas to your property can be a great way to achieve this goal, as can implementing permeable paving systems on your driveway or patio. These techniques are easy to implement and can save you a lot of money on your water bill in the long run.

Increased value

Investing in level green landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your home. Not only is it more attractive to prospective buyers, but it also yields a higher return on investment than other improvements.

A well-maintained landscape increases the perceived value of a property by 5-11%. It can also be used to reduce energy costs and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Landscaping can also add to a home’s curb appeal, which will help attract more buyers and sell your house faster. For example, a fence or privacy wall can give you an advantage over other homes on the market.

You can also enhance your property’s appearance by adding outdoor lighting or a water feature. Having these features can increase your property’s value by an additional 10 to 30 percent, according to a report from NAR.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, consider enhancing the exterior by removing weeds and pruning overgrown shrubs. These can be done without spending too much money and are often overlooked by homeowners.

Another way to improve your home’s curb appeal is to add a patio or deck. These will allow your guests to relax outdoors and spend more time enjoying your property.

Having a patio or deck can be costly, but it’s worth the cost. It will add a significant amount of value to your home, and it’s an excellent way to create a unique and relaxing environment for your guests.

Level Green Landscaping sprinkler system

You can even add a sprinkler system to your patio or deck, which will increase the value of your home by an additional 20 to 40 percent. The system will cost you about $80 per month, but it can make a huge difference in your outdoor living space.

In addition, you can also boost your home’s value by hiring a professional landscaping company to perform maintenance on your lawn and landscaping. A professional landscape company will use high-quality equipment to ensure that your yard is always looking its best.

If you’re considering a career in landscape management, it’s best to consider a company that’s proactively looking for employees who want to grow with the business. Level Green is proactive about building a pipeline of potential employees and offers a variety of programs to support them.

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