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What is the video about?

The video is a short clip that shows a person walking through a seemingly endless maze of yellow rooms with no windows or doors. The video has no sound or narration, and the only text is the title “The Backrooms”. The video has gained over 7 million views and thousands of comments since it was uploaded in October 2021. Where did the video come from? 

The video is based on a creepypasta story that originated on 4chan in 2018. The story describes a phenomenon where people can accidentally “noclip” out of reality and end up in a limbo-like dimension called “the backrooms”. The backrooms are said to be infinite levels of monotonous rooms filled with old carpets, fluorescent lights, and pipes. The story warns that anyone who enters the backrooms will never escape, and that there are unknown horrors lurking in the dark.

Why is the video so popular?

The video taps into several psychological factors that make it appealing to viewers. First, it creates a sense of curiosity and mystery by presenting a bizarre scenario with no explanation. Second, it evokes a feeling of fear and dread by implying that the person in the video is trapped and alone in a hostile environment. Third, it stimulates the imagination by inviting viewers to speculate about what the backrooms are and what lies beyond them. Fourth, it connects to a larger online community that has created fan art, games, theories, and memes about the backrooms.

Final Remarks

The video is an example of how a simple idea can become a viral sensation on the internet. It demonstrates how online culture can create and spread stories that challenge our perception of reality and inspire our creativity. It also shows how human psychology can be influenced by visual and textual cues that trigger our emotions and curiosity.

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