Rex Lapis – The God of Contracts in Genshin Impact


Rex Lapis, also known as Morax, was one of the Archons who presided over the land of Teyvat. He is a god who has a huge influence in the world of Genshin Impact.

As Morax, Rex Lapis is responsible for the creation of Liyue and its currency mora. He is a very powerful Archon who the people of Liyue revere very highly.

Morax – Rex Lapis

Morax, or Rex Lapis, is the God of Contracts. He is also the Geo Archon and one of the original members of The Seven. He is also one of the oldest characters in Genshin Impact, having been around for thousands of years and presided over The Seven since its inception.

He is a powerful and mysterious god with a wide range of knowledge about the world. He teaches a variety of liberal sciences and astronomy, and also blesses his followers with the ability to know the value of precious stones and herbs.

His physical appearance varies depending on his form, but he always has amber eyes and orange gradients in his hair. He can change his shape at will, and has a unique ability to stain his hands orange with the power of the Geo element.

To the people of Liyue, he is known as Rex Lapis; a diety who teaches them about trade and improves their lives by inventing currency. He has been the guiding influence in their economic growth and relations between nations.

While he has retired from his role as Geo Archon, Morax still remains very influential in Liyue. He has a good relationship with the Anemo Archon Barbatos, who currently goes by Venti, and he is a close friend to the half-adeptus Ganyu.

He is a very respectful and thoughtful person, showing a great deal of respect to all the members of the Liyue Qixing. He even helped to form the group, and he continues to guide them in their daily duties.

Despite this, however, Morax can also be cruel to those who don’t follow his rules. He once impaled Keqing, which triggered a war with the other gods in Teyvat. This war eventually led to the formation of the Yaksha.

The Yaksha are the same kind of demons that protect the Four Winds in Mondstadt, but they were formed specifically to help defend Liyue. They fought the other gods during the Archon War, and they defended their land with all their might.

They have a unique bond with Liyue, and they love the place so much that they’ve lived here for millennia to keep it safe. Their karma makes them very dark, but they have a special bond with the world and their love for it can be seen in their actions.

Zhongli – Rex Lapis

Zhongli is the former Geo Archon of Genshin Impact’s world of Teyvat. He is the god of contracts, war, and wealth and prosperity. He is also the creator of the currency known as Mora, which he minted with his divine power.

He was the most ancient among the original Seven Archons in Teyvat, but he is still very much alive and active in the world of Liyue today. He is the god of contracts, laying down Liyue’s laws with his divine might. He is also the God of Commerce, influencing the people of Liyue with his wisdom and generosity.

Throughout his time as a god, Zhongli has made many companions and friends in Liyue. Some of them were lost in the war between the archons, but most of them are still alive and have remained loyal to him for years.

In his current human form, Zhongli has retained a great deal of the power and knowledge that Morax gave him. He now watches over and guides the mortals of Liyue and the rest of Teyvat.

He is a high-class gentleman with refined tastes and a passion for the arts. He attends opera performances, enjoys walking through the luxuriant thrushes, and has an uncanny eye for fashion.

Zhongli also takes an interest in flora and fauna. He is a very knowledgeable man in these areas, and is happy to share his expertise with others. He is also an avid wine lover and will happily discuss the various kinds of wines that can be found in Teyvat.

Aside from being a highly skilled player, Zhongli is also an excellent support character. His Elemental Burst, Planet Befall, deals a significant amount of Geo AoE damage to any enemies that are struck down by the meteor. He is also very strong against crowd control, since he can immobilize enemies with his burst.

For an effective Zhongli build, it is best to focus on HP and Sub stats, as well as Crit Rate and Crit DMG. For this reason, HP artifacts in all three slots are highly recommended, as well as a weapon with an HP sub-stat or one that increases both HP and Shield Strength.


Venti is a mischievous and playful character who enjoys singing songs about the things that he loves. He is also a member of the original seven Archons who established Teyvat. He is a very active and fun-loving character who is a huge fan of pranks, annoyances, and making fun of people.

He is a teen with a “youth” body type and has dark blue hair that slowly fades into aqua green colors. He also sports a green cape, hat and bow tie along with a brown shirt and a corset.

According to the lore, rex lapis is a shapeshifter. He is able to assume multiple forms including human, wisp, and a dragon. He is very powerful and has the ability to manipulate Teyvat’s physics. He can also create his own bard vessel, which he uses for the purpose of singing.

Unlike other gods, rex lapis does not have a statue in Liyue. However, he does have some statues in other areas of Genshin Impact.

As one of the original Archons, rex lapis is also the oldest in Genshin Impact. He has a wealth of knowledge about the world because of his time serving as the Geo Archon. He is also the most powerful god in the game, which makes him a great ally to have around.

Although he has a very childish and mischievous personality, rex lapis is not a very dangerous character. He is able to be friendly and kind to people without being overly aggressive or hurtful. He is also a very good listener and can often tell when someone is in trouble or in need of help.

In addition to being a shapeshifter, rex lapis is an expert swimmer and can dive underwater deep into the ocean to avoid being smashed. He is also very strong and can withstand heavy damage from the sea. He can also swim at speeds of up to 10 knots and a depth of up to 60 feet.

Despite being a very mischievous character, rex lapis has a very bright and beautiful personality. He is very affectionate and loves to laugh. He is also very sweet and always makes a point of telling others how much they mean to him.

Xiao – Rex Lapis

As a Vigilant Yaksha, Xiao is one of the strongest fighters in the game. He’s also highly resistant to corruption and has a strong desire to help others in need. Having been rescued from the Yaksha race by Zhongli, he’s been dedicated to protecting his home of Liyue and his fellow Yakshas since.

While he’s often seen as hard and cold, Xiao is actually quite loving to those around him. He’s particularly fond of Ganyu and takes time out of his day to train her. He’s also more than happy to help Xiangling cook when she asks him to.

Xiao has always been a very secretive person and it’s hard to tell how much he really cares about others, but his feelings are very important to him. He wants to make sure everyone’s safe, and that’s why he’s willing to sacrifice himself for those he loves.

He grew up among the Adepti, but he was forced to leave due to karmic debt and the Archon War. Luckily, Zhongli freed him from the control of an evil god and he has been devoted to protecting Liyue ever since.

When he’s not fighting, Xiao enjoys reading stories or playing with his pet pyro, Indarias. He’s also a huge fan of music, and he can play several different instruments.

Although he’s not the most romantic person in the world, he has a soft spot for Ganyu and takes her out on dates every now and then. He’s also extremely protective of her, and when she’s alone, he’ll protect her from danger.

In addition, Xiao is also very loyal to Zhongli and he looks out for him. He’s also a very good listener, and will always give Zhongli a chance to explain things to him.

Whether or not Zhongli knows Xiao’s mortal form is unclear, but it’s possible that he does. It’s worth mentioning that Zhongli is a pretty close friend of Xiao, so he’d probably recognize Xiao’s face when he sees it.

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