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San Andreas Cast : Dwayne Johnson stars as a rescue-chopper pilot making a perilous journey across California to find and save his estranged daughter amid the devastation of an earthquake. Brad Peyton directed the film, which also stars Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario.

While the film is often funny, it can be frightening and there are some gruesome scenes. The movie includes rampant large-scale destruction, tumbling buildings, people being crushed and floods.

Dwayne Johnson San Andreas Cast

The Rock plays Raymond Gaines, a helicopter rescue pilot for the Los Angeles Fire Department who tries to save his estranged wife (Carla Gugino) and their daughter (Alexandra Daddario) after massive earthquakes level the West Coast. The film is a disaster film that follows the San Andreas Cast Fault shifting in California causing several devastating earthquakes to destroy Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

While the film received mixed reviews from critics, it still managed to make a lot of money at the box office and is one of the most successful disaster movies ever made. The movie was based on the book “San Andreas” by Brad Peyton and Carlton Cuse.

Johnson’s latest movie, Red Notice, has become the most-watched original Netflix movie and he’s also set to star in Black Adam and a sequel to Jungle Cruise which is currently in production. With all of these projects coming up, The Rock’s busy schedule is sure to keep him from jumping into any more disaster films, but he has an idea for a sequel for San Andreas Cast and he’s reportedly going to try to get it off the ground.

As for the actual sequel, there’s a good chance that it will come from New Line and that Neil Widener and Gavin James will write the script. The film is expected to expand the disaster further beyond California and explore the Ring of Fire.

There are a few challenges to getting a disaster movie sequel off the ground, but The Rock knows how to work around them. He’s an actor that’s always in high demand and he can’t seem to let any negative critical reviews stand in his way when he’s on a roll. He’s got a slew of other projects already greenlit, and the idea for San Andreas Cast 2 is being batted around behind the scenes at his production company Seven Bucks.

Carla Gugino

Carla Gugino has starred in numerous films including Troop Beverly Hills and This Boy’s Life. She has received several awards and nominations for her work in the film industry. She has also performed on Broadway in the dramas The Road to Mecca and Desire Under the Elms.

The actress first landed a role in the 1995 PBS miniseries The Buccaneers, where she played Nan St. George, a bumptious debutante. She then appeared on the television series Spin City in 1996 and made her feature film debut opposite Nicholas Cage in Brian De Palma’s Snake Eyes.

She later starred on the TV medical drama Chicago Hope, where she was Dr. Gina Simon for the show’s final season.

Gugino is currently starring in the disaster movie San Andreas Cast, which finds California all but destroyed by a major earthquake. The movie follows a rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) who decides to save his estranged wife and daughter after the massive earthquake.

Despite the destruction and massive action scenes, San Andreas Cast is not without its standout moments. It is a powerful film that focuses on Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife (Carla Gugino) as they try to reach their daughter in the midst of the chaos.

While it is easy to see why this was a perfect choice for Gugino, her performance is not without its flaws. She is able to pull off several big action scenes but the script does not allow her to breathe as much as she would like.

Gugino has also starred in the television series Threshold and Entourage. She has also directed her own movie Judas Kiss, which she co-produced with her husband Luis Gutierrez. She adores dark chocolate, massages and yoga. She also takes vitamins and antioxidants to stay healthy. She also enjoys lunch and conversation with friends.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress who has starred in the film San Andreas Cast. She has also starred in several other movies and TV shows including Hall Pass, Texas Chainsaw 3D and Baywatch.

She is currently married to television and film producer Andrew Form. They were married in June 2022.

Daddario is of Italian, Irish, English and Slovak / Hungarian ancestry. Her father is lawyer Richard Daddario and her paternal grandfather was a Democrat member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Connecticut.

The 29-year-old actress got her start on TV playing Laurie Lewis on All My Children. She then went on to become famous for her role as Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson films series (2010-2013).

In 2013, she starred as Heather Miller in the horror film Texas Chainsaw 3D, and then returned to her role as Annabeth in the sequel Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. She has also appeared on the TV series White Collar, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and American Horror Story: Hotel.

She played the character of Lisa Tragnetti on the first season of HBO’s True Detective (2014), and she starred in the earthquake film San Andreas (2015). She has also made appearances in several other TV shows, such as Burying the Ex (2014), Baywatch (2017) and the comedy movie The Layover (2017).

Her piercing blue eyes have caught the attention of many fans. She has a unique look that contrasts well with her dark hair. Her sexy and sensual appearance is what makes her so popular.

She has a total of 32 movies and 18 of those have been released since she made her debut on San Andreas. Her best movie roles include her role as Blake Gaines in San Andreas and she has a lot more on her horizon!

Hugo Johnstone-Burt San Andreas Cast

Hugo Johnstone-Burt is a Scottish-born Australian actor who began his career in television. He appeared in a variety of shows, including the ABC1 drama series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. He also starred in the 2011 film Cloudstreet as Fish Lamb.

After graduating from Barker College in Hornsby, Johnstone-Burt travelled to Los Angeles for auditions. His casting director there recommended him to a producer. He went on to act in a number of movies and TV series.

He made his feature debut in Cloudstreet, which earned him nominations for best new talent and most outstanding performance by an actor at the 2012ASTRA Awards. He also starred in Network Ten’s The Wrong Girl.

Johnstone-Burt has worked with Brad Peyton on a number of films. He also starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in the 2015 disaster film San Andreas.

The Australian actor has also starred in the network ten drama The Wrong Girl and the 2014 movie Ralph. He is engaged to Nine News reporter Julie Snook.

A former Army chopper pilot turned fireman, Johnson plays Ray, an acclaimed search-and-rescue expert who is devoted to his job and the safety of the people around him. His ex-wife, Emma (Carla Gugino), and their daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario), are stranded after one of the devastating quakes hits their area.

His daughter’s safe but not quite reunited, Ray and Emma set off to find her, taking everything from cars to planes with them on their desperate quest. Along the way they encounter Ben (Hugho Johnstone-Burt), a British holiday maker who was preparing to have a job interview when the quake struck.

With a strong cast and a solid disaster plot, San Andreas delivers a lot of fun. It’s not a good movie, and it won’t win any awards, but it’s still an entertaining and tense ride with plenty of SFX and special effects to thrill and frighten you.

Art Parkinson San Andreas Cast

Art Parkinson is an Irish actor who rose to fame for his role as Rickon Stark on the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. He has also appeared in Dracula Untold and Dark Touch. He was born on October 19, 2001 in Moville, County Donegal. He is the son of drama teacher Movania Parkinson, and has two older brothers. He is also a huge animal lover, and frequently posts pictures of his dogs on Instagram.

In San Andreas Cast, he plays Ben Taylor, a young British engineer who is trying to impress his girlfriend Blake (Carla Gugino). As the earthquake hits and they are trapped in an office building, he tries his best to save her from the disaster. He injures himself to save her but still falls in love with her when they get rescued. He is a close friend to Dwayne Johnson’s character Raymond Gaines, a firefighter who is in charge of dealing with the disaster.

He is an up-and-coming actor, who has been pursuing acting since he was six years old. He was cast as Rickon Stark on Game of Thrones when he was nine years old and has since starred in several movies. His mother was initially apprehensive about his career choice but later backed him up and even made sure that he continued his studies while filming.

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