Suktr – Predators of Africa


Predators : Those who have watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens know that the Suktr are one of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy. They are swarms of wormlike creatures who live on planets that are surrounded by dense, cold environments. Here’s a look at their homeworld and the most dangerous predators that they have to contend with.

Their most Dangerous Predators

In Africa, there are several dangerous animals that are known to kill people. These animals are called the “big five” – lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino. It is said that lions are the most dangerous predators. The Cape buffalo is also one of the most deadly animals in Africa. Hippos are another dangerous mammal that is found in Africa.

These creatures have sharp teeth and canine teeth. They are known to be territorial, aggressive, and unpredictable. Their habit of charging at boats makes them very dangerous. A single hippo can weigh up to a thousand kilograms and exert 2000 pounds of pressure when they bite. They have been known to capsize boats. When they are biting, they sweat a red liquid.

Another dangerous creature is the puff adder. This snake has long fangs and venomous bites. It is well camouflaged. This species is a popular pest in Africa. While it is not the most venomous snake in the country, it causes a lot of fatalities. It is also common in the Sub-Saharan regions. Other deadly parasitic insects are the tsetse fly, which is known to spread Trypanosomes. These parasites can harm vertebrates and freshwater snails. Chagas disease is also a threat to humans.

Other dangerous creatures include the inland taipan. This is a highly toxic species that is nocturnal. It is also known to bite sleeping people. Assassin bugs are another dangerous insect. This insect is known to spread a disease called Chagas.

Sadly, many of these dangerous creatures are gone. Many of these species are wiped out because of human activities and processes. There are even a few animals that have disappeared completely. So, it is comforting to learn about these creatures that once existed. These were just a few of the most dangerous prehistoric animals that inhabited our planet.

T’surr in Star Wars: Dark Times

Star Wars: Dark Times is a comic book series that follows several young Jedi. The story takes place after the destruction of Order 66 and the beginning of the Rise of the Sith. Some of the main characters include Kennan Taanzer, Bomo Greenbark, Chase Piru, Dass Jennir and Zao. It was published by Dark Horse Comics and is set in the Star Wars galaxy.

Dark Times is a 33 issue miniseries. It was written by Randy Stradley as Mick Harrison and is drawn by Douglas Wheatley. Several of the major characters originally appeared in Star Wars: Republic. This comic series was part of the 30th anniversary retooling of the Star Wars comics.

The T’surr were an indigenous species from the planet of T’surr. They are sentient and were one of the most dangerous predators in the galaxy. Their homeworld was a cold desert world that was constantly windblown. During the end of the Republic, the T’surr were exiled from the galactic politics and continued to be exploited as slaves.

Krayn, a notorious T’surr, operated as a pirate. He was responsible for capturing many slaves from a desert spaceport. Eventually, he made a deal with a Colicoid species, which hoped to take over the spice trade in the galaxy. A few years later, he gained control of the planet Nar Shaddaa. In the late 40s, he attacked Mos Eisley. His son, Anakin Skywalker, used a lightsaber to fight him.

Star Wars: Dark Times also features several other Jedi characters. These include Jedi Master K’Kruhk, who is Kennan Taanzer’s master. After surviving Order 66, K’Kruhk took several younglings under his care. One of these younglings is Crys.

Another character is Jennir, who has been exiled from the Jedi order. She joined a smuggling crew. But after being betrayed by her employer, she joined the Separatists. At first, she was on the New Plympto, a ship stationed in the Expansion Region. However, she joined the Uhumele, a smuggling vessel.

With the rise of the Empire and the death of the Jedi, the Jedi Knights are no longer guardians of peace and justice. As a result, the sinister forces have taken over the galaxy.

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