The Crime of Junko Furuta


Junko Furuta is a young girl who is abducted by the gang, and later tortured and murdered. Her story is quite disturbing, but it is also interesting. What really happened to her is something that most of us would never think about.

Junko Furuta Abduction 

Junko Furuta was a seventeen-year-old high school student in Japan. She was abducted by four boys in November 1988. The boy who abducted her was Hiroshi Miyano, a self-proclaimed member of the Yakuza.

Hiroshi was a school bully and had connections to gangs and rape. His parents were worried about his violent behavior. They feared that he would retaliate against them.

Despite their fears, Minato’s family did nothing to stop the situation. After all, they knew that their son had a connection with a gang.

Several days after the incident, Minato’s mother visited her son’s house. When she saw the house, she was terrified.

One of the men who abused Furuta was also on the phone. He held a pillow over her head. Before she could say anything, he hung up.

It took a total of forty days before authorities found her body in a cement drum. Junko had been raped more than 400 times by her captors. A rotting smell began to permeate the air around her. Her fingers and legs were burned and bruised. As she pleaded for help, her body slowly began to weaken.

The Minato family was afraid that the yakuza would react to their actions. Their home was a regular hangout for thugs. And they feared for the safety of their daughter.

The Japanese police believed that there was only one victim. But over a hundred people were aware of the incident. There was a lot of confusion over who was really the victim. In the end, the police arrested Minato’s brother and his friend.

Sadly, the case of Junko Furuta ended tragically. If not for a man who acted stupidly, she would have survived.

Torture Junko Furuta

In November of 1988, a teenage girl named Junko Furuta was abducted by four boys in Japan. They forced her to play mahjong and make her drink her own urine.

She was also beaten, raped and had her eyes burned. It took 40 days for the torture to be complete.

Her body was severely injured and she suffered burns on her fingers and legs. The gang of four men raped her 400 times during the period.

The four boys took Junko to the house of one of the kidnappers. The Minato family had a gang of criminals who frequently hang out at their home.

The kidnappers claimed that they were members of a Yakuza youth group. This was in violation of Japanese law. However, they were not convicted of her murder. Instead, they were punished for breaking the law.

Junko was held captive for forty days. The four boys beat her, urinated on her and made her drink her own urine. These assaults ruined her ability to walk and talk. Eventually, she died.

One of the boys was convicted of torturing her. He was a Yakuza operative. Another boy was convicted of rape. Other children of the family, including his cousin, were charged with being accomplices.

Junko’s parents were aware of the rape. Although the incident was reported to police, they did not search their home. Their fears were that Hiroshi Miyano would retaliate. They feared for the safety of their daughter.

In addition to being raped, Junko was pregnant. She had a difficult time staying down small amounts of food. During her abduction, she slept on a balcony in the winter.

Her injuries were so severe that her head was swollen and bruised. She was so traumatized that her face was very hard to recognize.

Gang-rape Junko Furuta

Junko Furuta was a 19-year-old high school girl from Misato, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. She had recently completed her senior year. It was during this time she was a popular student at the Yashio-Minami High School. Her good looks and moralistic nature made her a favorite.

She was a quiet girl and did not take drugs or drink. In November 1988, she was kidnapped by four teenage boys. The boys were all members of a Yakuza gang.

They wanted to rape her, but she was smart enough to turn down their advances. Hiroshi Miyano, one of the boys, had a crush on her. He also had connections to the Yakuza.

On November 25, 1988, Furuta left her home. She was taken to a warehouse where the gang members were waiting. During their 40 days of torturing her, she was raped by over 100 men. At the end of the day, she was severely underweight.

One of the boys urinated on her. Another assaulted her and another dropped an iron barbell on her stomach. Several other men urinated on her and forced her to masturbate in front of the other men.

When the tormentors were asleep, Junko tried to call the police. But the call was disconnected. Eventually, Furuta called again and the police called her house. That was when they learned that the boy who had raped her had not killed her.

This was a horrifying crime. In Japanese society, the law tries to rehabilitate juveniles, so they usually are tried in Family Court. However, in Tokyo, the District Criminal Court has granted special juvenile provisions, allowing those who commit crimes to be tried as adults.

After the trial, the boys were sentenced to 20 years in prison. Miyano was de facto leader of the group.


The crime of Junko Furuta is a terrifying story of a teenager who was abducted by a group of young boys and then subjected to 44 days of torture. It is a story that has haunted Japanese society and led to questions about the juvenile criminal law.

Junko was a teenaged girl who was on her way home from her part-time job. She caught the eye of a high school bully named Hiroshi Miyano. When she was abducted, Hiroshi and a group of three other boys held Junko captive for forty days. During that time, she was repeatedly raped by more than 100 men.

Hiroshi was a Yakuza operative who claimed to be the leader of the kidnapping. He also threatened to kill the girl if she did not comply with his demands.

When police arrived, the boys were surprised. They told them that they were not responsible for the incident.

At first, the police did not think that Minatos were guilty. But they were later discovered to be the perpetrators. After that, the police arrested two of them.

During the trial, the judge found that they were members of a gang. That’s why they were not given life imprisonment. Instead, they were sentenced to four, seven, and 20 years in prison.

In addition to the four teenagers who committed the crime, there was also a teenage boy named Jo Ogura. This boy was a part of a raping session with the victim.

However, when the police questioned them, they admitted that they did not know what happened to the victim. One of the boys even said that he knew the victim.

The case drew national attention and left many people asking whether juvenile crimes should be punished as adults. Fortunately, the case was solved in a civil suit that won the parents of the victim.


Junko Furuta was a 17 year old Japanese girl who was abducted by four teenage boys in the 1980’s. In 40 days, she was raped over 400 times. She was so abused that she died from the injuries she received. Her body was placed in a 55 gallon oil drum and disposed of.

The Yakuza gang is a violent organized crime group in Japan. They were famous for their human trafficking rings in Asia during the 80’s. During this time, rapes were common. All four of the teens in the group were “chimpira” or members.

Until she was abducted, Junko lived with her parents and had a boyfriend. They lived in Misato, Saitama, Japan. On November 25, 1988, Junko was riding her bicycle home. She had no idea what was about to happen to her.

The next day, two men dressed as police officers came to her house. One of them held a pillow over her head. The other one beat her until she fell.

After the police arrived, they searched Miyano’s house and found women’s underwear. They also discovered a videotape of a TV show. When they questioned Miyano, he confessed to a crime that he had committed.

The boy who was responsible for gang rapes was 18-year-old Hiroshi Miyano. He had been a high school bully. Initially, he was arrested and charged with abducting a 19-year-old woman. His co-conspirator was 17-year-old Jo Ogura.

Eventually, Hiroshi was charged with kidnapping and rape. Several times, he tried to take revenge on Junko.

Junko Furuta was born in Misato, Saitama, and attended a local high school. She was considered a beauty and a promising student. Her family thought she was staying with her friends. However, they never suspected that her fate was to be a victim of rape.


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