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Osial was a sea monster who was defeated by Rex Lapis during the Archon War two thousand years ago. He was sealed under the ocean within the Guyun Stone forest.

At the time of Heart of Glaze, Childe uses the Fatui-manufactured Sigils of Permission to release Osial in hopes of lure out Zhongli and steal his Gnosis. However, Osial is still powerful despite the two thousand years he has been imprisoned.

Osial Lore

The lore of osial has been around for many years. There are many stories about this monster and its battles with Rex Lapis. The people of Liyue love these stories and always get excited when they hear about Rex Lapis’ victory over the sea monster.

According to the lore, Osial was defeated by Rex Lapis at Guyun Stone Forest two thousand years ago. He was pinned to the ocean floor with Rex Lapis’ stone spears and sealed under the ocean.

After spending about two thousand years trapped under the ocean, this sea monster was resurrected by Childe and released during the Archon Quest. This sea monster was not weakened after being locked up for so long and it easily broke the Guizhong Ballistas used by the Adepti.

Later on, a floating Jade Chamber was dropped by Ningguang and it successfully destroyed the monster. Osial was then resealed on the ocean floor again after Ningguang’s defeat.

It’s also been reported that people who sleep at Guyun Stone Forest relive the memory of Osial being defeated by Rex Lapis. This could be a sign that the monster is still alive and has not completely buried its hatchet with Rex Lapis yet.

While investigating the Abyss Order, Dainsleif and the Traveler find out that they plan to fuse the limbs of Osial with the Defiled Statue of the Seven and use the eye of the first Field Tiller as its core, creating an unstoppable god that will destroy Celestia. Fortunately, they thwart this plan and prevent the Abyss Order from using Osial’s limbs in their plans. They also manage to recover the first Field Tiller part from the ruins in Mondstadt and put it back where it belongs.

Osial History

Osial was the god of the sea, and he unleashed tempests and tsunamis across Liyue. Its anger ruined Liyue Harbor and caused anarchy throughout the region, until Morax, the Geo Archon, fought against it during the Archon War two thousand years ago and used his stone spears to seal Osial away on the ocean bed.

Osial had nurtured a long-standing enmity with Morax during this time, so when he regained his power after two thousand years, it was much more furious and dangerous. Its great anger would destroy Liyue Harbor and the entire city if it was unleashed.

As part of Tartaglia’s plan to lure out Zhongli and obtain his Gnosis, he uses multiple Sigils of Permission replicated by the Fatui in order to awaken Osial from its two thousand year imprisonment. When he does, it’s only a matter of time before Osial unleashes a storm that will destroy all of Liyue.

Despite its age and strength, Osial still possesses the ability to control a storm, but its rage is too much for the Qixing and Adepti. In order to repel Osial, the Fatui and Ningguang use their Jade Chamber to defend Liyue Harbor from this ancient god.

When Zhongli and Childe try to re-seal Osial for good, it ends in literal disaster as Osial maims Childe and promises that he won’t finish him off if Zhongli agrees to bond with the god. The squall that follows is something that neither of them will ever forget, as they’re drawn inexorably closer to each other. They’ll both have to learn to live with their newfound power, and they’ll have to confront their feelings if they want to survive.


Osial is a Hydro boss that will attack players with a large shower of Hydro energy. This can cause massive AoE DMG to characters. It also uses a jet stream to blast Hydro DMG at characters. It will occasionally shoot out Hydro orbs that track towards the player, which is a warning to dodge or shield yourself.

Osial was defeated by the Geo Archon Rex Lapis, also known as Archon Morax, over two thousand years ago in the Archon War. However, this ancient monster was trapped on the ocean floor to protect Liyue Harbor and is much more furious and fierce after two thousand years.

In the Turning Point quest, “A New Star Approaches,” Genshin Impact players will face Osial. This ancient monster is a nemesis of Fatui and Abyss Order and was originally sealed away by Morax. It is now being used by Childe to lure out the Geo Archon and steal his Gnosis.

To defeat Osial, you must protect three Guizhong Ballistas located in the North, East, and West regions of the map. If you destroy one of these Ballistas, you will fail this challenge and won’t be able to complete the Turning Point quest.

Defeating Osial is a challenging task that requires the help of multiple team members. You should choose a tank character who can defend the Guizhong Ballistas and also heal your team when needed.

Another character to consider is a Water supporter like Barbara who can heal herself and the other team members. She can also use a pyro or electro effect in the center of the battleground to create a wet weather condition and help her teammates avoid Osial’s attacks.

Special Moves Osial

Osial is a hulking sea serpent with five heads, each with four eyes and fins on its top and sides. It was sealed under the ocean in Guyun Stone Forest by Rex Lapis during the Archon War two thousand years ago.

In Genshin Impact, Osial is the monster you’ll fight during the Turning Point quest “A New Star Approaches.” He’s a Hydro boss and will use Hydro attacks against you, so it’s important to know his attack patterns before you go in for this battle.

For starters, Osial will rain a huge area of Hydro energy on you to deal massive AoE DMG. This can be very dangerous, especially if you have not defended the Guizhong Ballistas.

The only way to avoid this is to make sure that you’ve properly defended the Guizhong Ballistas before you head in for Osial’s attack. The only other way to deal with this is by ensuring that you’re well-positioned and that your Pokémon aren’t too close to Osial when he uses his Hydro attacks.

Another important thing to note about Osial’s special moves is that they deal damage to the defending Pokemon, instead of the attacking Pokemon. This is because Generation V introduced a few new special moves that inflict damage based on the defending Pokemon’s Defense stat, not its Special Attack stat.

Osial also has a few retaliation moves, which counter any special attacks that the attacking Pokemon uses. This can be useful for defending against certain moves, such as the nutrient-draining and the poisonous ones. You can even use these retaliation moves on Pokemon that haven’t used their special moves yet to stop them from using any attacks.


Osial is an ancient Hydro god, once sealed away within the depths of the sea by Rex Lapis during the Archon War thousands of years ago. It was released by Tartaglia, the Eleventh Fatui Harbinger, but was defeated by Ningguang when she dropped a Jade Chamber on it.

Defeating Osial is a difficult task, but it is possible with the right team. For starters, you will need to defend the Guizhong Ballistas against a barrage of attacks from Osial. Osial has an AoE Hydro attack that can deal a lot of damage to the player, so it is crucial that you keep them defended.

Once the players start the fight, they will be buffed by Ganyu who increases their defense making them more resistant to damage and also by Xiao who buffs their speed allowing them to run very fast without spending any stamina. This allows them to dodge Osial’s attacks easily and if they do manage to hit you, their buff will help them get through them a lot quicker.

Much More likely Osial

Once you have these buffs on you, Osial will be much more likely to attack you but luckily they are easy to dodge and if you stay alive, you will receive another buff shortly afterwards that will give you even more buffed abilities. Once you have these buffs on you, your team will be able to defeat the horde of Fatui easily. If you are looking to get a good score on this boss, then you should definitely have all these buffs on!

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