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Weed Stash GTA 5 : In GTA 5, Barry starts the Grass Roots mission by smoking a strong weed with Michael and Trevor. The substance is too strong for them, and they start to hallucinate.

Barry calls Franklin and instructs him to bring back the weed stashes from two different locations in Los Santos. This involves stealing a truck and bringing it to Barry’s apartment within a certain time limit and without being detected by the police.

How to find the Weed Stash GTA 5

The open world of GTA 5 has a wide variety of side missions and collectibles that can keep players busy for hours on end. These missions can be very enjoyable and give players a break from the main story. However, not all side missions are created equal. Some, like the weed stash gta 5, can be hard to complete due to the complex open world layout.

The Grass Roots mission is an interesting side quest that allows players to experience the effects of weed in a different way. After smoking strong weed with Barry, Michael and Trevor start to hallucinate as their bodies can no longer handle the substance. Luckily, Franklin seems to have no issue with the effects of the drug.

At this point, Barry gives Franklin a mission to find the two hidden weed stashes. These are located in two different vehicles that Franklin must find and bring to Barry.

One of these locations is a truck in Murrieta Heights, the other is a car in a scrapyard near La Puerta. The player must go to these locations and steal the vehicle, then drive back to Barry’s apartment in Vespucci within a certain amount of time without being caught by police.

If you are looking to weed out the city and make some extra cash, a weed farm might be right for you. They don’t offer the high profit margins of some heists, but they are a lot of fun and provide a good source of passive income.

You can also earn a lot of money by running an auto theft ring, buying and selling property or increasing your strength stat. However, these businesses are not as lucrative as some of the more recent heists, so they might not be for everyone.

The Grass Roots mission isn’t the easiest one to complete, but it is still worth the effort. It gives players a chance to get a little more involved in the city and see it through different eyes. In addition, it allows them to play as a different character than they normally would in the game.

Where to find the Weed Stash GTA 5

A weed stash is a place in Grand Theft Auto 5 where you can store your personal supply of marijuana. You can keep it in airtight containers or in a location that is not exposed to sunlight and high temperatures, which will help preserve the quality of the weed.

The weed stash in GTA 5 is located in the back room of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. To get there, you need to first go through the main room and then take the stairs up to the second floor.

Once you have reached the second floor, you need to head to the right. From here, you will find the weed stash gta 5 in the back room of the club.

Weed is an illegal drug in Los Santos, but it can be quite addictive and fun to smoke. It can produce hallucinations and other side effects that make players feel high and euphoric.

However, there are also negative side effects to smoking weed, like nausea and diarrhea. Therefore, it is important to only use small amounts of weed at a time.

The most common way to smoke weed in GTA 5 is to use a bong or spliff. If you are looking for a more discreet way to smoke weed, you may want to consider using a pipe or rolling paper.

A weed stash in GTA 5 is a good way to earn some extra money. It’s a relatively cheap business to set up and requires minimal maintenance, which means you can get a good income from it without too much effort.

There are several locations in GTA 5 where you can hide your weed stash gta 5. If you are looking for a safe and discreet place to store your weed stash, you should look in a garage or other secure location.

Another place to store your weed stash is in a bunker. This is a very dangerous place to store your weed stash gta 5 in GTA 5. It contains traps and a high-stakes puzzle, so you will need to be very careful when you are hiding your weed stash here.

How to move the weed stash car

A weed stash is a collection of marijuana that is stored away for safekeeping. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including wanting to avoid getting caught by the police.

GTA 5 features two weed stash gta 5 missions that are both fun and challenging. One requires you to find the weed, while the other involves moving a car containing the prized possession.

To move the weed stash gta 5 car, you must use a truck to haul it across town to Barry’s apartment. There are a few different methods for achieving this, so it is important to read the instructions carefully and choose the right vehicle for the job.

The first way to transport the weed-containing vehicle is to grab a tow truck from the scrapyard in South Los Santos. You can also use a crane to hook it up, but you’ll want to lower the crane and raise it again when delivering it to the designated destination.

You can also use a nifty gadget to help you accomplish this task, but beware: there is an associated cost. You’ll need to spend some coin to purchase the machine, and you’ll have to wait for it to complete the mission.

Ultimately, the most efficient method is to find a vehicle that can haul the weed. You can also try stealing a vehicle that can do the job, but be sure to have enough money and experience points to do so. This can be difficult to do, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. You may want to consider using a guide or an online walkthrough before making your move. It can be a frustrating process, but with perseverance you’ll get the job done.

How to sell the Weed Stash GTA 5

In GTA Online, weed is one of the illicit businesses that you can buy and run. It’s the fourth-best business available to Bikers and can offer a decent profit. However, if you’re looking to get rich quick, you’re better off investing in other types of MC businesses.

Weed is a drug that’s available in Grand Theft Auto Online, and it’s often smoked by players for recreational purposes. It can also be used to treat pain and anxiety in the game’s storyline.

There are a number of locations in the game where you can find weed. Some of these are hidden in alleys or on rooftops, and others are scattered across the map. You can also use a smuggled weed stash gta 5 car to transport a stash of the drug from one location to another, though this isn’t a very effective way to move a large amount of the drug.

If you want to sell a large quantity of weed, you’ll need to go out of your way and make a lot of money. This can be done by completing side missions, stealing a smuggled weed truck, or raiding a weed farm for cash.

To sell a large amount of weed, you’ll need to rob a weed farm at least once every few hours. This is the best strategy, because it’s more likely to earn you a substantial amount of cash than trying to steal the farm at once.

When you’re robbing a weed farm, it’s important to have the right weapons and ammunition. This will ensure that you don’t have any trouble making your getaway.

Once you’ve gathered all the required supplies, you can then rob the weed farm. It’s a pretty simple operation, and it should take you no more than 30 minutes to complete – assuming you have the necessary skills.

After robbing the weed farm, you’ll be sent on a mission to deliver it to Barry. If you fail, you’ll lose the entire stash of weed, as well as all your hard-earned money.

There are two weed stash gta 5 locations in Los Santos, and you’ll need to visit both of them to give all the weed to Barry. The first location is located in an alley, and the other is in a rooftop. If you’re not careful, the police might catch up with you.

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