World Cup IShowSpeed Predicts That Portugal Will Win the World Cup


World Cup IShowSpeed song “World Cup” arrived alongside its official music video. The rap group dons Portugal jerseys and predicts that Portugal will win the World Cup. The song’s lyrics are available at Genius. The outro predicts the game’s outcome, as Portugal won in the tournament.

World Cup IShowSpeed song “World Cup”

IShowSpeed has received a lot of positive feedback about his World Cup IShowSpeed song. It has been a hit on YouTube in less than seven days and has received over 11 million views. He performed the song at the Manchester United game against Aston Villa and was able to interact with the team’s Rio Ferdinand. The song features dissing of both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are two of the most popular soccer players in the world.

The song predicts that Portugal will win the World Cup. It also predicts that the song will be a hit in the upcoming tournament. The song’s lyrics predict that Portugal will win the World Cup with a free kick from Cristiano Ronaldo. There are currently seven favorite teams, but IShowSpeed predicts that Portugal will win with Cristiano Ronaldo.

worth checking of World Cup IShowSpeed

The song is already popular on YouTube, where it has surpassed anthems by Lil Baby and Budweiser. The song is just a few thousand views away from overtaking Light The Sky by international artists. Streamers have even started requesting the song to be included in the World Cup.

Despite all the controversy surrounding IShowSpeed, this song is getting a lot of positive feedback. It’s funny, it’s incredibly catchy, and it’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of the 2022 World Cup. World Cup IShowSpeed video even has a video about it. IShowSpeed is a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. His videos have over 12 million subscribers, and he’s known for his funny reactions and mispronouncing of international soccer players’ names.

KSI and Speed’s bet

If Portugal wins the tournament, KSI will owe Speed $100,000, and Speed has to get a tattoo of KSI’s logo. Obviously, the World Cup IShowSpeed will be an exciting time for them, and the bet will be a big hit.

KSI and Speed are two YouTube personalities who made a bet on who would win the World Cup. One of them is a huge fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, while the other is a huge fan of England’s team. The two even Facetimed one another to discuss the bet.

Portugal vs Argentina

YouTubers Darren “IShowSpeed” and JJ “KSI” have made an outrageous World Cup bet. They’ve both backed Ronaldo in the upcoming match between Argentina and Portugal, and both have a stake in the tournament’s outcome. Darren is a massive fan of Ronaldo and KSI is a UK native who’s rooting for his country. The pair Facetimed before placing their bet. Although they’ve made big claims in the past, this bet is a new one.

During the World Cup, Portugal has the best record in the competition. Their win was predicted by IShowSpeed, whose video features Ronaldo in a Portugal jersey. The song “World Cup” was released alongside the video. This song has already received over 24 million views on YouTube.

Youtube channel IShowSpeed

The song is a fun way to get into the World Cup mood. IShowSpeed has a dedicated YouTube channel for the World Cup, and their song has been getting a lot of views. The song features many of the top soccer players in the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

IShowSpeed is a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, and wrote a song dedicated to him in June. The song predicts that Portugal will win the World Cup with a free kick from Cristiano Ronaldo. Although many people might be scared of superstitions, ISshowSpeed is confident that Portugal’s free kick will win the World Cup.

Spain vs Belgium

Spain and Belgium will play an international friendly at the King Baudouin Stadium. Spain is managed by Julen Lopetegui, while the Belgians are led by Roberto Martinez. Martinez took over from Marc Wilmots, a former Everton manager. He has brought in Thierry Henry, a former France goalscoring legend, to help his side.

Lil Baby’s official WC song

Lil Baby’s official World Cup IShowSpeed song, “The World Is Yours to Take,” has received mixed reviews. While it is a solid production, it is missing the hype and energy that is required of a true anthem. The video, however, has more views than the song itself.

The video features an eloquent, acrobatic, and a bit of rap. While it doesn’t sound like much, the track is a banger. The rap reflects the diversity of the teams, and it is full of football mania. The video is a must-watch, even if you haven’t watched the match yet.

This rap video is an example of a viral video – it has already received over a million views on YouTube and is currently close to overtaking the official FIFA World Cup anthem by Lil Baby and Budweiser. The video is still a few thousand views away from breaking Light The Sky by international artists. It is no small feat to top the Grammy Award-winning rap song by Lil Baby.

World Cup IShowSpeed

World Cup IShowSpeed is a YouTube content creator who is famous in the online soccer community. The football-obsessed video creator has a huge subscriber base, and is well known for his wildly funny mispronunciations of international players’ names.


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